Vertice Unveils a NOVA 2010 Real-time 3D Engine
March 19, 2010

Vertice Unveils a NOVA 2010 Real-time 3D Engine

Toulouse, France - Vertice, creator and editor of the real-time 3D engine NOVA, unveils new functionalities of its NOVA 2010 real-time, 3D engine, which will be officially announced at Laval Virtual (April 7 to 11). NOVA 2010 will bring greater graphic possibilities and will offer even more functionalities to users, says a company representative.
Vertice presents 4 major novelties:
  1. Support of the multi-touch: NOVA 2010 allows to navigate in multi-touch mode (with the fingers) on a touch screen
  2. Possibility to display a scene on several screens simultaneously (horizontal split, vertical split, stereoscopic, multi-cameras) and compatibility with the NVIDIA 3D Vision technology (stereoscopic 3D glasses)
  3. New physical engine: new system of interactions between physical objects and animated objects, support of the multithreading, new algorithm of contacts for a much better stability, support of the gravitational and repulsive fields of attraction
  4. New postprocess effects: Blur, Motion Blur (only with DirectX 10), depth of field