Unique markets for mobile devices and semiconductors: A New Report from Jon Peddie Research
April 6, 2010

Unique markets for mobile devices and semiconductors: A New Report from Jon Peddie Research

Tiburon, Calif. - Jon Peddie Research (JPR), the industry's research and consulting firm for graphics and multimedia, announced its new report on mobile devices. The mobile device market--E-Books, tablets, slates, netbooks, notebooks, phones, and MIDS--is fragmenting as low-cost, power-efficient processors emerge with advanced capabilities. Jon Peddie Research has released its latest market study--a guide to 10 markets for mobile devices and covers the application and multimedia processors designed for those handheld consumer devices.
The markets covered are:

The report provides an individual segment historical background of the market from 2006 and forecasts unit shipments for each individual market from 2009 to 2015.

The companies covered include:

The total available market (TAM) for these multifunctional devices is almost 700 million units in 2010, growing to over 1.3 billion by 2015, representing a CAGR of 14.3%.

The market for eBooks, tablets, smartphones and other mobile consumer products is exploding and with the recession behind us the consumer is ready to start spending again.

This report is written for:
· Senior management who are looking for adjacent market opportunities for their products
· Financial analysts who want to understand the mobile device space better and look at companies and their chances of success
· Marketing staff at companies that sell mobile products that work with mobile devices
· Technology professionals who want an introduction to mobile technology and mobile devices
· Engineers who need to select a processor for a mobile device
· Press and public relations professionals who need to get up to speed on the mobile devices market, players, and products

This report has been created as a resource to uncover the opportunities for semiconductor suppliers and their IP partners who traditionally have served the non-PC and industrial markets such as POS, medical, and test equipment and to help them extend their technology into what we are calling the "adjacent consumer markets" with a focus on mobile devices for consumers.

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Discounts for a bundled sale are offered.

The Q4'09 edition of Jon Peddie Research's Market Watch is available now in both electronic and hard copy editions, and can be purchased for $995. Included with this report is an Excel workbook with the data used to create the charts, the charts themselves, and supplemental information. The annual subscription price for JPR's Market Watch is $3,500 and includes four quarterly issues. Full subscribers to JPR services receive Tech Watch (the company's bi-weekly report) and a copy of Market Watch as part of their subscription.