Trinigy’s new integration gives online game developers faster access to lightweight textures
September 2, 2010

Trinigy’s new integration gives online game developers faster access to lightweight textures

Eningen, Germany - Trinigy, a 3D game engine provider with over 150 licensees and offices in Germany and Austin, TX, announced that it has integrated its Vision Engine 8 with two Allegorithmic products: Substance Air and Substance Redux. The new integration enables developers of MMOs and browser-based games to access lightweight, dynamic textures created with the Substance products directly from within Vision Engine’s scene editor, vForge.
Substance Redux is an advanced compression tool used by developers to reduce the size of bitmap textures by about 50%, without any noticeable loss of quality or performance in-game. Substance Air helps developers create tiny, high-quality textures that are ideal for MMO and browser-based gameplay. By integrating with the runtimes of both products, Trinigy enables developers of online and browser-based games to quickly load Allegorithmic’s lightweight texture formats into the Vision Engine tools pipeline.

“Trinigy has always worked closely with its customers and partners to provide a solution that not only boosts game performance across platforms, but that increases workflow productivity in the game development process,” said Dag Frommhold, managing director at Trinigy. “This new integration with Allegorithmic’s products achieves all of those goals. Not only was this integration highly requested by our growing MMO and browser game customer base; it speeds a developer’s access to textures that are perfectly suited for streaming game environments and tiny download needs.”

“We’ve worked with Trinigy for years and are constantly impressed by their team and their multi-platform engine,” said Dr. Sébastien Deguy, founder and CEO at Allegorithmic. “This integration of Substance Air and Substance Redux within Vision Engine 8 will tremendously improve the art workflow of developers and the instant access to browser-based online games. We look forward to deepening our partnership with them for the benefit of online game developers everywhere."