Three New DOSCH 3D Products for Cinema 4D with Physics-Engine
November 15, 2010

Three New DOSCH 3D Products for Cinema 4D with Physics-Engine

Vehicles in animations shouldn’t just move about – they should move realistically, and specifically following the exacting laws of physics. Starting now this is possible with the newest DOSCH DESIGN car 3D-model products for Cinema 4D which are outfitted with the critical physics-engine. They permit the user to adjust the most important motion functions of these cars in a simple and automatic way – and do so quickly.
From the idea to release-ready the vehicle-models underwent numerous experiments and drove many virtual test tracks. But the result speaks for itself: With the help of the Physics-Engine even large traffic scenes can now be realized in very little time, including dynamic rides through open terrain, over ramps and bumps, or simply approaching a stop-sign or a red traffic light. With assistance of the physics-engine all 3D-models possess features like automatic steering and turning wheels, manual height-adjustment of the car body, and much more. Furthermore all vehicles include a driver 3D-model.

The 3 products‚ use is diverse since realistic vehicles are needed in many areas of 3D-animation. Whether it is architectural visualizations, commercials for TV or Flash-content, action-loaded chases in TV-shows or big-budget movies, or game development; it won‚t take long to breathe realistic life and excitement into previously static and maybe dull scenes or footage.

The products DOSCH 3D: Driving Cars 2009, DOSCH 3D: Driving Transport 2010 and DOSCH 3D: Driving Concept Cars 2009, are all specialized for use in C4D, with the first 2 featuring 20 branded vehicle models and the latter 10 concept designs. All models are very detailed and completely textured 3D-models and available for $229.