The Pixel Farm Releases 'Free' Airgrade Color Grading iPhone App
December 7, 2010

The Pixel Farm Releases 'Free' Airgrade Color Grading iPhone App

 Marden, Kent, UK -- Now everyone can enjoy the art of color grading their images with Airgrade, the new, free-of-charge, color-grading engine that's remote-controlled from an iPhone, created by The Pixel Farm Ltd (, the developers of film industry-renowned VFX software.
Starting from scratch, users can become a true film master or colossus of color. Whether they aspire to be a Da Vinci or a Pablo, Airgrade opens a pandora's box of color, letting them bring real lustre to their images. From a base, 'one light' grade, to full-on 'look creation', Airgrade helps remove the mystique of color grading to show that it's not all black magic.

Airgrade emulates professional film and TV grading tools, and combines a powerful Mac-based grading engine, with a fun and easy-to-use wireless remote control on the iPhone. For the home enthusiast wanting to learn grading tools, all the way up to a professional colorist, DOP or VFX artist experimenting with looks on-set, Airgrade puts industry-standard color science at their fingertips.

To grade an image using Airgrade, users roll a 3D trackball and rotate a radial wheel on their iPhone to adjust precise tonal ranges using Lift, Gamma, Gain controls – recognised by professional colorists as Shadow, Midtone and Highlights – plus a Saturation control for overall color intensity. The result appears interactively on their Mac, and on any other connected monitoring device, such as a digital projector. A shake of the iPhone resets the parameters, allowing a fresh grade to be made.

When the desired color grade has been achieved, Airgrade's color engine saves the grading data, in the universally-recognised ASC CDL format (.ccc file) that allows color decisions to be transferred between color grading and finishing solutions, and this data can be exported for professional use. The graded image is saved simultaneously to the iPhone's photo album, delivering a fast visual reference.

Users can get started with this powerful, fun and free application at, where they can download the Mac-based color engine. The iPhone remote controller is available at the iTunes store.