Suffolk County District Attorney Files Charges in Attempted Theft of Breach
May 20, 2010

Suffolk County District Attorney Files Charges in Attempted Theft of Breach

Raleigh, N.C. - Atomic Games, a developer of simulations for US military and intelligence agencies and a pioneer in military action games, stopped the attempted theft of their newest title Breach at PAX East 2010. Breach is a first-person multiplayer shooter that was being shown for the first time to the public in Boston which is in Suffolk County.
The attempted theft happened on the last day of the show, which was March 28, 2010. Justin D. May, 20, of Delaware used his laptop to hack into an Xbox 360 Test Kit being used to demonstrate the game. He had only downloaded about 14 megabytes when he was questioned by an Atomic employee. Once discovered he grabbed his laptop and ran as Atomic employees, and PAX security, chased after him. He was apprehended by a quick-thinking member of Atomic's staff who flanked him and picked him out of the huge crowd. Mr. May was taken into custody by Boston PD and his laptop along with his modded Xbox 360, modded PSP, and modded DS were confiscated.

While some thought the attempt was a PR stunt to promote the game, it became quickly obvious that a real crime had taken place. "Breach, and our Hydrogen game engine, are the result of millions of dollars of investment and years of hard work," said Peter Tamte, President of Atomic Games. "It would have been very harmful if Breach had been posted on the Internet months before its planned release. Thankfully the Boston Police Department and Suffolk County District Attorney quickly realized the seriousness of the crime and plan to prosecute Mr. May."

Breach introduces new kinds of destruction that haven't been seen in any other game, has an innovative Active Cover System which allows players to take advantage of any cover even as it is ripped apart, and adds in unique, true-to-life spy gadgets which all changes the very nature of multiplayer combat. Breach will be available for download through the Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft this summer. Breach does not yet have a rating by the ESRB.