Stratasys Announces Seventh Annual “Extreme Redesign” Contest by Dimension 3D Printing
September 9, 2010

Stratasys Announces Seventh Annual “Extreme Redesign” Contest by Dimension 3D Printing

Frankfurt – Stratasys Inc. announced the launch of its Dimension brand’s seventh annual Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge. The contest challenges students worldwide to submit innovative designs, whether an entirely original concept, a new perspective on an existing product, or a work of art, animation, or architecture.
Educators have attested that the annual design and 3D printing contest has made an impact on students. “Having the opportunity to set their sights on a goal, participate with other schools, and complete a challenging project…was life-changing for some students in this school, which is located in a lower socio-economic area of the city,” said Colin Reid, Vancouver Technical Secondary School, British Columbia, Canada.

Dimension will again award nine student winners either $2,500 (approx. €1,965) or $1,000 (approx. €785) scholarships in the categories of School/College Engineering, University Engineering, and Art & Architecture. Designs will be evaluated based on creativity, usefulness, part integrity and aesthetics. Instructors of the three first-place student winners will receive a laptop computer for use in the classroom. Since the contest began, six years ago, more than $50,000(approx. €39,330) in scholarships has been awarded to students.

In addition to the above mentioned categories, this year’s contest will feature two bonus award categories in which students may compete for $250 (approx €195). The first bonus category, asks students to create a fresh design twist on an existing building or bridge. The second bonus category challenges students to create an intriguing puzzle or game.

For an entry in any category to be competitive, the submission must:

• be a sound mechanical design

• be realistic and achievable

• include a clear written description of the design.