Shotgun and Tweak Release Integrated Production Tracking and Playback Tools
March 22, 2010

Shotgun and Tweak Release Integrated Production Tracking and Playback Tools

Los Angeles, Calif. - Shotgun Software and Tweak Software has released an integration package for seamless interoperation of their VFX and animation production tools, Shotgun and RV. The combined solutions are designed to help studios track, organize, play, and review their work.
This integration provides one-click viewing of media in RV right out of Shotgun, and provides Shotgun-aware tools inside of the RV player.

"I was an early adopter of both Shotgun and RV and used them successfully on a feature animation project. I always thought it would be great to have the tools work together, but now that they are integrated, the result is even better than I imagined. Once you can easily compare versions of a shot in RV directly from Shotgun, or automatically launch a shot in context of its neighboring shots, you can't go back and work the old way," says Stephane Deverly, chief technology officer at Duran Duboi.

Tweak Software is the developer of RV, the image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists. Shotgun Software develops Shotgun, a scalable Web-based, project-management system designed for digital production studios.

“The big shops have invested millions of dollars to build seamless pipelines. Tweak and Shotgun are working together to bring the same level of polished integration to everyone else,“ says Seth Rosenthal, co-founder of Tweak.

The new integration module will be provided at no additional cost to users of both products. Users can try out the new features by using a fully functional demo database and matching media package.