Safe Harbor Computers Presents New Collections
February 16, 2010

Safe Harbor Computers Presents New Collections

Waukesha, Wisc. - Safe Harbor Computers announced two new collections from Electric Crayon Studio. Designed for users of LightWave animation software, these sets include realistic planetary objects, as well as ready-to-use scene files which can be modified to suit the user’s needs.
The single most requested graphical production element in either film or print is the planet earth, says a company representative. Whether an antique globe, a high-tech sphere, a moving map on the wall, or a hyper-realistic earth from space, representations of the earth are constantly part of the composition, he says.

The GEM Collection (Globes - Earth and Moons) is designed to allow the creation of a graphic quickly in LightWave. The globes include many styles, such as paper, metal, and wood, and some combinations as well. Also included are flat wall maps with built-in animations that loop, and the earth's moon as reconstructed from lunar satellites.

Scene files that cover many of the typical set ups that clients ask for, as well as scenes reminiscent of iconic movies, are included. Tutorial information on how to modify the scenes for specific needs and how to include other objects is also part of this package.

The Solar System Construction Set is used with LightWave to create animations and graphics of any planet in the solar system. All the planets, most of the major moons, and the sun are included in low, medium, and high-resolution objects and image maps.

The planets are textured starting with up-to-date NASA images with just a touch of artistic license. Cinematically constructed outer space depictions are waiting to be rendered. Training is included on how to change the timing and resolution of scenes, as well as adding additional objects to the scene. The Solar System Construction Set is the easiest way to add fantastic production value to any project, from web graphics to theatrical presentation.

Globes – Earth and Moons Set and Solar System Construction Set are available exclusively from Safe Harbor Computers, a leading reseller of editing and animation solutions for over 22 years. Priced at $49.99 each, or $89.98 as a bundle, the sets are delivered via electronic download. Available online at or by phone at (800) 544-6599