SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Issues Call for Submissions
March 25, 2010

SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Issues Call for Submissions

Yokohama, Japan - SIGGRAPH Asia has issued a call for submissions, inviting digital content creators to share their ideas and knowledge with the dynamic computer graphics community in Asia and around the world. Theoretical computer scientists present papers full of subtle mathematics in one room, while next door animators discuss the finer points of human walk cycles, and across the aisle, musicians and visual artists teach a course. The range and enthusiasm of the material is part of what makes SIGGRAPH Asia so exciting, says a representative.
If your work involves computers, visual experiences, and/or innovative interactions, submit your achievements to SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 and share them with thousands of other creative people in four world-class programs::

Technical Papers
The SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Technical Papers program continues the tradition of excellence in the world's premier forum for the latest research in computer graphics and interactive techniques. We invite submission of high-quality papers that will advance the state of the art and stimulate future trends. Accepted papers will be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 and published as a special issue of ACM Transactions on Graphics.
Complete Information on How to Submit Technical Papers
Deadline: 11 May 2010

In Courses, international experts share the very best of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Course proposals should emphasize learning, develop residual skills, and suggest directions for further personal development.
Courses Submission Information
Submission Deadline: 18 May 2010

Computer Animation Festival
This international showcase presents a wide spectrum of inspiring computer-generated animation, visual effects, and scientific visualizations in two formats:
• Screenings
• Panels & Talks
Details on How to Submit Your Work to the Computer Animation Festival
Submission Deadline: 15 July 2010

Technical Sketches & Posters
Technical Sketches & Posters are short summaries of recent achievements and works in progress in animation, visual effects, video games, and human-machine collaboration. In these interactive forums, topics range from academic research to industrial development, practical tools, and behind-the-scenes explanations of commercial and artistic work.
Technical Sketches & Posters Submission Details
Submission Deadline: 30 August 2010

Though SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 will not feature programs dedicated to art, emerging technologies, and educators, outstanding submissions in those areas are encouraged and will be carefully considered by the core programs.

All deadlines are at 23:59 UTC/GMT.