SDI & Sony Working Together To Create Next Phase 3D Subtitling Placement Solution
August 24, 2010

SDI & Sony Working Together To Create Next Phase 3D Subtitling Placement Solution

Los Angeles, Calif., - SDI, a leader in subtitling and localization services to the media and entertainment industry, announced that Sony Creative Software, a division of Sony Electronics, has adopted and integrated SDI's XML schema into their Z-Depth 3D subtitle editing application - Z Depth creates the information needed for proper placement of subtitles or menus in the 3D space of a 3D title presentation.
 With over 61% of US cinema goers having now experienced 3D movies and predictions of 25 million 3D TV sets globally by 2013, the format offers significant growth opportunities. Industry-wide 3D standards are required in each element of the supply chain to ensure a unified and cost effective approach. SDI, with its long history of innovative solutions, was invited by Sony Creative Software to aid in the development of software applications and provide recommendations for supported file formats.  After researching the range of data being produced, SDI determined a robust schema needed to be created which allows for the subtitle placement work that has been done in the initial market segment to be repurposed for downstream use.  SDI recognizes the need to develop robust, standardized formats for this component of the supply chain and believes that this format is a step toward an integrated, industry-wide solution.   
"SDI's depth and range of services makes them an ideal partner for Sony Creative Software. They are respected leaders in the development of subtitle software solutions and have created many tools later adopted by the wider community," said Dave Chaimson VP of Worldwide Marketing for Sony Creative Software. "Our role is to create innovative and powerful tools that enhance the 3D viewing experience and the team at SDI has been fundamental to the successful adoption of the Z-Depth tool into our suite of products."
Scott Rose Global CTO at SDI commented, "3D is a game changer for the subtitling business - developing industry leading solutions is an essential part of our philosophy. Placed correctly, 3D subtitles play a vital part in enhancing the viewing experience.  With industry-wide co-operation and a willingness to share innovative advances, we are confident that a collaborative approach between industry participants will allow us all to work together to establish a robust set of best practices."