RTT announces new version of RTT DeltaGen 3D visualization software
September 30, 2010

RTT announces new version of RTT DeltaGen 3D visualization software

Munich, Germany - The new version of the 3D visualization software RTT DeltaGen 9.6 provides enhanced range of functions for interruption-free workflows and an improved presentation quality in rich illumination environments. RTT RealTrace offers more opportunities than ever for visualizing light and shadow situations. The RTT Ramsis Ergonomics Module now enables comfort analysis according to NASA standards.

 Computer-generated, highly realistic photographic material is becoming more and more standard throughout the entire product lifecycle. The use of realistic-appearing materials and environments using light, shadows and reflections is very important and still represents a great technical challenge. In just a few steps, the new version of RTT's DeltaGen 9.6 3D visualization software enables the user to examine and modify illumination scenarios in real time. Similar to a real photo studio, light sources placed in the CGI-scene provide creative light effects with lavish illuminations and reflections.
RTT RealTrace - Raytracing including Global Illumination for impressive visual effects:
The two render technologies Raytracing and Global Illumination give the user two options for calculating realistic virtual reality scenes. The CPU-based Raytracing depicts reflective and transparent materials with improved quality and at a higher speed. Thanks to Global Illumination, displays of light and shadow appear more natural and much more convincing. The different calculations for static and animated scenes take into account all types of light sources and, by adjusting for the harshness of shading, fill the environment with the greatest precision for the desired lighting atmosphere. The results are extremely realistic visualizations, which are required, for example, in the automotive industry for depicting headlight elements with precise refractions of light and reflections in the design stage. With the right amount of RAM, entire scenarios with more than one million polygons can be calculated. In combination with RTT Scale, RTT RealTrace achieves a nearly linear increase in performance with CPU clusters.
RTT Ramsis - Virtual ergonomics and comfort analysis

During the design and development process, engineers rely on functionality analysis of prototypes early on, whereby the ergonomic characteristics of a sitting position and the associated operating elements are subjected to virtual tests. With RTT DeltaGen 9.6, the RTT Ramsis Ergonomics Module features comfort analysis according to NASA standards: real-time 3D visualizations simply and vividly simulate whether certain body postures are comfortable, and the user receives a direct response. 3D human models for every target market thus help in the early design phases to realize ergonomic advantages and develop sustainable, successful products.