RTT Releases RTT PictureBook 5.5, RTT PowerHouse 1.5
June 9, 2010

RTT Releases RTT PictureBook 5.5, RTT PowerHouse 1.5

Munich, Germany - Realtime Technology (RTT) AG presents RTT PictureBook 5.5, which manages multimedia assets more simply and efficiently. RTT PictureBook 5.5, in concert with the RTT PDMConnector and RTT Composer modules, is designed to deliver improved functions enabling cooperation among different teams, more efficient workflows, and greater flexibility in image generation.
RTT PictureBook 5.5 offers new functions that improve collaboration and optimize workflows. While previous versions used different viewers for individual asset types, users of the new MediaViewer can now examine and compare all 2D and 2.5D assets in a single viewer. The viewing options include a transparency mode, as well as multi-view and overlay. Each view mode allows for creating sketches and adding notes, for example, allowing a marketing department to use RTT PictureBook to give simple feedback to designers.

The update also features improved data exchange options that allow for users to easily share their own AssetCollections and SmartFolders with others based on search criteria. This function shortens search times required to find the right files, simplifying cooperation within the team. User authorizations allow you to set who receives access and who is permitted to make changes to the files. For storing older file versions, RTT PictureBook 5.5 offers a new ZIP function that makes it easier to organize these assets, meaning files that are no longer needed will be compressed and stored together. This lets users organize their assets and access the latest, frequently needed files more quickly.

RTT PictureBook 5.5 introduces direct access to PDM data. With RTT PDMConnector, CAD data can be transferred directly into RTT DeltaGen from the leading PLM Software, Siemens TeamCenter, via RTT PictureBook 5.5. This speeds work processes in 3D realtime visualization. Users can access up-to-date component structures and geometry data directly from TeamCenter for immediate use.

RTT PictureBook 5.5 also introduces improvements in its image generation functions. With RTT Composer in conjunction with RTT PowerHouse 1.5, interactive 3D models can be used in realtime via the web browser to generate product images independently of operating system, hardware or location – from the right camera angle to the ideal environment right up to the desired product variants. This is supported by the Angle and 2DArt features. With Angle, optimal camera angles can be determined at an early stage in the design process. Using the height, distance and focal length parameters, users can quickly and simply identify the most flattering shots for their product. The selected settings can then be saved and used in 2DArt and RTT DeltaGen.

Using the 2DArt feature, high-quality images for a wide variety of media can be created in RTT PictureBook 5.5. 2DArt can apply camera angles and view angles directly from Angle to work with the correct settings immediately in order to generate compelling product images.

Interactive access to 3D models and images is made simple in this latest edition of RTT PictureBook. Assets in the software are available online via a Web browser regardless of the user, operating system, hardware, and location. This is possible due to a direct connection between RTT PictureBook 5.5 and realtime server RTT PowerHouse 1.5, which makes the appropriate functions and data available over the internet. This allows users to easily access and edit complex 3D models or film sequences in the browser, while the calculation and preparation of data takes place centrally and securely on the server. With this process, data security is guaranteed at all times since the integrated rights management functionality ensures that only authorized persons can access and edit the files.