RTT DeltaGen 9.5: Achieve Faster Results with New PDM Connection and Enhanced Visualization Functions
March 30, 2010

RTT DeltaGen 9.5: Achieve Faster Results with New PDM Connection and Enhanced Visualization Functions

PASADENA, Calif. - RTT USA, Inc. (RTT) continues to advance real-time 3D visualization with the latest version of its proprietary software, RTT DeltaGen 9.5. The updated package features a range of new functions allowing nearly all visualization tasks to be carried out with just one application. The software is also the first of its kind to include a product data management connection.
RTT DeltaGen 9.5 features unique and sophisticated functions. Users now have the possibility to personalize the graphical user interface (GUI) to their personal workflow preferences, and then save a personalized GUI layout using work benches. The individualized working environment is available every time the application is opened. RTT has also integrated a range of functions for tasks that previously required the use of third party solutions, including the ability to create completed 2D render passes for 2D post production. These render passes can be used directly by the user in 2D applications such as Adobe Photoshop, allowing a rapid progression to the second post production phase.

Smooth animations and rapid scaling

RTT DeltaGen 9.5 also features a newly integrated Animation Editor, which allows smooth path animations to be created in RTT DeltaGen and manipulated using graph editors. The Editor also makes path animations available for cameras and objects, serves up new types of animations for the post processor, and provides human models from RTT Human and RTT Ramsis. The complete integration of the editor bypasses the need for tedious data exports to other tools, such as Maya.

Additionally, RTT has optimized its software to improve scaling for use with presentation tools such as powerwall displays. RTT Scale makes use of multicast technology and load balancing between individual powerwall segments in order to accelerate the data transfer rate. Even complex video textures can be displayed with high-end quality.

Direct access to PDM data

RTT provides a direct connection between PDM and virtual reality systems, allowing product developers and visualization experts within a company to cooperate more efficiently. Users benefit from this feature as visualizations can be created to reflect the latest geometries and component data, while also speeding up workflow and presenting data more rapidly and at a high quality output.