Protean Clay with Stereo Viewing Capabilities Released
November 19, 2010

Protean Clay with Stereo Viewing Capabilities Released

Getzville, NY – Tactus Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of a new version of Protean Claywith native 3D stereo support for a wide range of hardware systems. The following stereo formats are now available directly from the main menu:
  • Quad-buffer Active stereo – Example - Sharp 3D projector (PG-D3010DX)
  • Polarized (Horizontal) – Example - JVC 3D monitor (46")
  • Anaglyph (Red-Cyan, or any color, Cardboard glasses)
  • Polarized (Checkerboard)
Protean Clay is an intuitive 3-D virtual clay sculpting and modeling software application that allows fast modeling of complex 3D shapes. Tactus Technologies engineers note that the new stereo version amplifies the ability of modelers to perform 3-D volumetric modeling, resulting in highly efficient free form shape and model creation. It reduces the need to switch between different views and makes the process of modeling much simpler. In conjunction with an optional Novint Falcon haptic system as a 3D input device, Protean Clay mimics sculpting and clay modeling process in a far more intuitive way than most free form modeling software available today.

Protean Clay, released in January of 2010, has found wide applications in disciplines such as industrial design, digital art and virtual prototyping. Protean-created 3-D models can also be conveniently imported into widely used commercial packages, such as 3-D Studio Max, to serve as an integral part of larger-scale animation or product design projects.

Protean is priced substantially below competitive systems, company management notes, and a free fully functional demo with stereo support can be downloaded from our website.