Pixologic Launches ZBrush Industry Pages
July 7, 2010

Pixologic Launches ZBrush Industry Pages

Los Angeles, Calif. - Pixologic, makers of ZBrush, has launched its ZBrush Industry pages highlighting the creative and practical application of ZBrush in the work place. The ZBrush Industry section links examples of production flow method and working practice, clarifying how ZBrush's features, sculpting, and illustration capabilities are being applied and implemented according to specific industry needs.
ZBrush is a key component in the workflow for a growing network of companies, artists, designers, modelers, illustrators, and hobbyists applying 2D and 3D integration and innovative application to their respective industry sector requirements.

Making an impact in movies, VFX, and gaming video industries, ZBrush is also used for illustration, figure creation, and concept design in 3D printing, toy manufacturing, dentistry, jewelry design, science, and medicine.

The ZBrush Industry pages show other scenarios and business models where the creative application of ZBrush is benefiting and rewarding artists and their clients.

The company also created a “Your ZBrush Industry Post” link to a forum thread, inviting ZBrush artists and professionals to share their stories and discuss experiences and novel ways in which they are using ZBrush in their respective fields of work and professional endeavor.

A variety of learning tools are available for ZBrush (Win/Mac) ranging from introductory to advanced skill levels, with 100 + video (with voice over) available to choose from free of charge.

ZBrush retails for USD $595 and can be purchased and downloaded online at Pixologic's e-store. ZBrush is also available from Pixologic-authorized resellers for both Windows and Mac platforms.