Perception Suits-Up for Summer Blockbuster Iron Man 2
May 5, 2010

Perception Suits-Up for Summer Blockbuster Iron Man 2

The long awaited sequel to Marvel's "Iron Man" movie is finally here. Expected to be this Summer’s blockbuster mega-hit, Iron Man 2 has been forecasted to have the biggest opening weekend of any film.
Continuing its collaboration with Marvel, Perception designed and developed key scenes throughout the entire film. The team first began by crafting a fully animated sequence that was used in the shooting of the Stark Expo sequence and was projected across a 70 foot screen behind Robert Downey Jr. Once the filming ended and the post-production phase began, Perception designed, animated, tracked and composited over 125 shots including…(details to be released after the release of the film on May 7th).

Using a combination of the Adobe Creative Suite of products and Maxon's Cinema 4D for 3D animation, Perception put out full 2k renders for what would ultimately be a film output for IMAX presentations and normal theatrical release. All working on the Macintosh platform, Perception's team of designers, compositors, animators and rotoscope artists worked tirelessly to deliver the entire package.

Perception and Marvel's past collaborations included designing title sequences for 3 DVD features: Hulk Vs, Planet Hulk and their upcoming Thor-Tales of Asgard. "All of us at Perception are huge Marvel fans and collaborating on a project of this scale has been a goal since the company's inception 9 years ago," says company co-founder and Executive Creative,Jeremy Lasky. "Having the opportunity to join forces with the Marvel team and Jon Favreau on a project of this scope was a dream come true."