PHYX Inc. Joins FXFactory Development Partner Program, Unveils Keying Capabilities
January 20, 2010

PHYX Inc. Joins FXFactory Development Partner Program, Unveils Keying Capabilities

Boston, Mass. - ­ Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast markets, announced that new development partner, PHYX Inc., has released PHYX Keyer for the
FxFactory platform. PHYX Keyer is a new collection of keying plug-ins designed to work inside Adobe After Effects CS3 / CS4, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and Apple Final Cut Express applications.
PHYX Inc. developed an industry reputation for their highly acclaimed plug-ins for Apple Shake used by visual effects artists and compositors around the world. The new PHYX Keyer incorporates its superior image technology; offering five professional-quality plug-ins that allow artists to create mattes, extract precise keys, neutralize spill, and correct unevenly lit blue and green screens.

PHYX Keyer includes five plug-ins that help create and refine keys using the most efficient algorithms for a variety of shooting conditions. Highlights include:

Despill: Effectively neutralizes excess green and blue spill without leftover magenta or yellow fringe artifacts.

DiffKeyer: Creates a matte, based on the difference between two images, without the need to utilize a green or blue screen.

Keyer: Contains three keying engines, YUV Difference, 3D Keyer, and Channel Keyer, and provides powerful optimized controls to extract precise keys in seconds. Also includes a powerful deartifactor, which reconstructs the chroma channels to restore details lost to chroma sub sampling.

LightWrap: Creates a light source from a background image and wraps the light around the foreground image to seamlessly blend them together in a composite.

ScreenCorrector: Compares a clean plate and a solid color, and creates a perfect green or blue screen by correcting unevenly lit screens, removing tracking markers and more.

PHYX Keyer is available for $199 USD via the Noise Industries Web site ( A trial version is also included with the FxFactory 2.1.2 installer.