Nice Shoes Redefines Red Workflow
May 28, 2010

Nice Shoes Redefines Red Workflow

In the latest step of a major revamping to their operations, New York-based Nice Shoes has developed proprietary software and an enhanced data pipeline that enables them to handle RED files more efficiently and faster than many of their competitors in every department across all platforms, including Baselight, Flame/Smoke, Maya, Nuke, FCP, and RAM RV Player.
NewYork, N.Y. – As Nice Shoes sees a huge spike in the HD projects - and RED jobs in particular - that make up a large percentage of their business, these streamlined workflow capabilities will save clients time and money while improving the end product.

The technological upgrade comes at a time of rapid change for Nice Shoes - which recently merged with its sister companies Guava and Freestyle Collective - creating an ideal environment in one location for all talent - including color, design, and visual effects - to access and operate the new digital circuit effectively and collaborate on a multitude of diverse projects simultaneously. With this upgrade, Nice Shoes is ready to make a statement that they are the go-to post house in managing, manipulating, and maximizing the potential for any RED files.

Nice Shoes' conversion process also yields an improved final product. When most conversion houses convert RED files into DPX files, they inadvertently bake an unchangeable "look" into the footage, handcuffing a colorist when the film arrives in the color grading suite. Nice Shoes' conversion allows the colorist the great latitude to perfect the final look in the color suite. The colorists get to work off of the raw RED files in real time so both client and artist can see the corrections and work with the corrected footage like normal. However, the corrections are not baked into the spot until the final step, thereby always preserving the integrity of the original file until the final conform. These rigid quality-control measures ensure that the original data always exists for re-shoots or pick-up shots. With this powerful system in place, Nice Shoes can create multiple deliverable files at one time (i.e. - FCP, Pro Res, Avid) and rapidly deliver footage to clients even under severe time constraints.

The streamlined RED workflow is just the latest step in Nice Shoes drive to innovate in the visual media marketplace. They are also attempting to redefine the position of the colorist in the production universe, moving it from a post-production afterthought to a central part of production and even pre-production.