NaturalMotion Debuts Morpheme 3.0 to Streamline Creation of High Quality Character Animation
December 16, 2010

NaturalMotion Debuts Morpheme 3.0 to Streamline Creation of High Quality Character Animation

San Francisco, Calif. – NaturalMotion, a leading game technology and development company, announced Morpheme 3.0, a major new version of its industry-leading animation middleware for creating high quality, believable characters that greatly streamlines the process of authoring rich character animations while adding full support for Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move controller technologies. The new version, which is available now, builds on Morpheme’s strong foundations with further improved performance, memory usage, workflow and debugging facilities.
Designed to give developers and animators unprecedented creative control, Morpheme 3.0 saves time and resources with improved real-time, graphical authoring and previewing of in-game animation. Available for PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC, Morpheme is licensed by major developers and publishers in the games industry including Ubisoft, Disney, Codemasters, THQ, CCP, Bioware, Robomodo, and many others.

With Morpheme 3.0, animators and programmers will benefit from new Active State Transitions and Self Transitions, speeding the task of creating responsive characters while making it easier to understand. New enhancements to the preview facility allow for easy prototyping and testing of interaction between multiple characters, while the new asset management system efficiently organizes animation clips and speeds up the building of physical characters.

Programmers can easily customize Morpheme 3.0 with the new Node Wizard while gaining unprecedented insight into runtime execution via all-new deep debugging visualization within Connect. In addition, substantial reductions in runtime memory usage make it easy to work with the large asset libraries of AAA games.

With Morpheme 3.0, users can also optionally add full support for Microsoft Kinect and PlayStation Move. Specific Kinect nodes filter and retarget data directly onto game character rigs, or simply allow players to control characters indirectly with gestures.

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