Mixamo and TurboSquid Collaborate to Deliver High-quality 3D Character Animation
January 20, 2010

Mixamo and TurboSquid Collaborate to Deliver High-quality 3D Character Animation

San Francisco, Calif. - Improving the overall character creation and animation experience for 3D professionals, game artists, and animators, Mixamo announced a partnership with TurboSquid, a large online 3D marketplace, to offer "Mixamo-certified" models assured to work seamlessly with the entire collection of motions found on  www.mixamo.com

Users can now easily apply any high-quality Mixamo motions to a growing list of TurboSquid character models which can be viewed directly within the Mixamo interface, without uploading.  While the Mixamo online animation service is compatible with most 3D models, these "Mixamo-certified" models in the TurboSquid marketplace have been internally tested and are guaranteed to provide the user seamless integration with Mixamo animations. 

3D professionals who choose "Mixamo-certified" TurboSquid models will experience a more efficient workflow that allows the creation and customization of premium 3D character animations. After purchasing a "Mixamo-certified" model on TurboSquid.com, users can then select a desired animation from Mixamo's extensive collection of production-quality character motions. Users may visualize their certified model online as they customize the automatically retargeted motions in real-time using director-level, slider-based controls. Once customization is complete, users may purchase and download the motion and merge into their character model scene. 

The collection of "Mixamo-certified" TurboSquid models currently contains 10 3ds Max Biped System characters that are available for purchase via  www.turbosquid.com. Additional certified models will be added regularly.