Microsoft and Barco join forces to create an immersive and collaborative environment
May 13, 2010

Microsoft and Barco join forces to create an immersive and collaborative environment

Kortrijk, Belgium - Microsoft, a world leader in computer and software technology, and global visualization specialist Barco announce that they have partnered for the design and implementation of a new meeting room in the Microsoft Technology Center Paris. This room, named the Envisioning Center, is equipped with state-of-the-art collaboration technologies as part of a unified communication process.
The Microsoft Technology Centers are collaborative environments that allow Microsoft to demonstrate its business solutions to its customers. To design these environments, Microsoft has partnered with industry leading companies such as Barco. The Envisioning Center in the Microsoft Technology Center Paris has been designed to overwhelm customers with a media experience they have never seen before.
Barco designed a custom-made setup consisting of a Galaxy NW-12, a three-chip DLP WUXGA projector with a 12,000 lumens light output and 3D stereo capabilities positioned behind the screen, in combination with XDS Control Center software. Barco's XDS Control Center software allows users to view multiple sources at the same time and control them with mouse and keyboard on a large-screen Windows desktop. These sources can be local or networked and can be moved, resized or made to overlap at will. The XDS Control Center suite helps make collaboration and decision-making more efficient in a visualization context.

“We are proud to partner with a technology leader like Microsoft,” says Yoav Nir, Market Director Barco Simulation. “This center will attract 10,000 visitors per year, giving us the chance to present Barco's integrated visualization technologies to Microsoft's worldwide customer base.”

“Barco and Microsoft are contributing to the same business ecosystem by promoting new core technologies that enable new processes and new practices that will get full benefit from unified collaboration and communication infrastructures,” says Eric Braux, Barco France Country Director.