Mechdyne Enhances Collaboration in Immersive 3D Displays
August 2, 2010

Mechdyne Enhances Collaboration in Immersive 3D Displays

Marshalltown, Iowa - Mechdyne Corp. has announced the availability of technology that makes it possible to produce two distinct user perspectives from a single 3D digital projector. With ACE Dual-View technology, two people working in an immersive stereoscopic environment see a different view of 3D images and, since both viewers are separately motion-tracked, the images they see as they explore and interact are unique to their view. It enables more natural discussion when viewing virtual prototypes or navigating virtual scenes. Mechdyne’s software enables each user to see the other user’s position and orientation relative to the virtual world and the objects it contains.
The first customer for an ACE (Advanced Collaborative Environment) Dual-View capable system is a U.S. University, which will use the new technology in conjunction with a CAVE™ designed and integrated by Mechdyne.

In nearly all 3D immersive display systems today, the computer-generated imagery is closely tied to a single, motion-tracked user whose viewpoint and movements dictate what other viewers see. Previous attempts at creating distinct images for different users in the same virtual work space relied on multiple projectors, with higher attendant costs and complexity associated with synchronization of the projectors and related issues.

Examples of potential applications and end-user benefits of a Dual-View capable system include:

§ Engineering review, such as the design of an automobile interior within a CAVE system. Two designers can view the simulation from different positions within the virtual image. One view might be from the driver’s perspective, while the second would be from the front or even rear passenger seat.

§ Surgical simulations in which an experienced practitioner may be observing or instructing a student in new techniques. Simulation participants might face each other across a virtual surgery table (horizontal 3D system), with both seeing a visually correct image of the operation as it takes place.

Mechdyne implemented its Dual-View technology on its HD ROVR visualization system, using a Digital Projection Titan 3D 1080p projector, an optical motion tracking system, and Mechdyne vGeo software.

The Dual-View technology can be incorporated into any of Mechdyne’s projection-based 3D visual environments, including CAVE and FLEX immersive displays, single and multi-projector PowerWalls, PLEX, portable ROVR systems and custom display configurations. Mechdyne can also specify and configure the optimal graphics computing system for the required display and data. Mechdyne’s CAVELib, Conduit and vGeo software are all compatible with Dual-View technology, motion tracking systems and immersive displays allowing Mechdyne to deliver a true turn-key, two-user immersive visualization environment.