Luxion Releases KeyShot
February 16, 2010

Luxion Releases KeyShot

Orange County, Calif. - Luxion, makers of advanced rendering and lighting technology, announced the first release of KeyShot, an interactive raytracing and global illumination program that reduces the complexity of creating photographic images from 3D models.
KeyShot uses a physically correct and CIE-verified rendering engine featuring innovations developed by 2004 Academy Award Winner Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen. Some of the core features of KeyShot are: CPU driven, runs on any modern PC or Mac, Unbiased Sampling Techniques that compute mathematically correct results, Scientifically Accurate Materials, Multi-Core Photon Mapping, Adaptive Material Sampling, and a Dynamic Light Core that allow users to see results at the same time as changes are being made.

KeyShot gives anybody involved with 3D data the ability to create photographic images in a matter of minutes, independent of the size of the digital model. KeyShot supports many native file formats, including SolidWorks, Rhino, SketchUp, Obj, IGES, and STEP.

KeyShot is the replacement for the HyperShot software, the first interactive raytracing and global illumination program, also developed by Luxion. Featuring the same six-button user interface, KeyShot has a number of improvements over the HyperShot software, such as:

Certification for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Version 10.6
Faster rendering speed
Improved overall image quality
Support for direct import of SolidWorks 2010 data
All new importer platform including support for IGES and STEP on Mac OS X
New high-quality HDRIs from and

KeyShot is available for immediate purchase for both PC and Mac. Pricing for KeyShot starts at $995, while KeyShot Pro sells for $1,995.