Kerner 3D Technologies Now Marketing
December 20, 2010

Kerner 3D Technologies Now Marketing

San Rafael, Calif.– Kerner 3D Technologies, a division of the Marin, CA-based Kerner Group, is now marketing its unique Kernercam KC7000
3D camera rig system on a global scale. GEO Film Group is marketing the system in Los Angeles, and Band Pro Munich, GmbH is marketing the system through Europe.

For over 30 years, the Kerner name has been associated with ground-breaking special effects and optical technology. This includes the company’s development of the “Empire Camera.” For “The Empire Strikes Back” film, George Lucas was after very specific shots that were not possible with any camera available at that time. ILM’s engineers designed and built the “Empire Camera” -- a super high speed camera that uses the Vistavision format. This camera--still in use today—is available only through The Kerner Group.

After 30 years of helping George Lucas bring to life his incredible imagination, the Kerner team has developed groundbreaking camera, camera rig, and optical technologies. In 2006, shortly after George Lucas relocated ILM to a new site, the Kerner team turned its formidable knowledge and technical skills toward the development of these new 3D technologies.

Today, Kerner 3D Technologies develops and offers a range of camera rigs for easy and accurate capture of 3D content. The Kernercam KC7000 3D capture systems are beam-splitter rigs of varying sizes, available for broadcast or cinematic applications.

The Kernercam 3D system was recently used by Emotion Studios to shoot a 3D documentary for NVidea, and by Depth Q Media to shoot drift racing footage for the promotion of Toyota’s Scion brand. It was also used during the production of actor David Arquette’s short 3D film, “The Butler’s In Love,” which recently opened the Annual HollyShorts Film Festival at the Director’s Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles and was also featured at the 3D Film Festival in Hollywood.

See for more details on the Kernercam and recent related projects.