IntegrityWare Releases New SubD-NURBS Product
November 10, 2010

IntegrityWare Releases New SubD-NURBS Product

San Diego, Calif. - IntegrityWare has released its latest product, SubD-NURBS, which combines the modeling paradigms of Sub-D (Sub Division Surface) modeling and CAD (NURBS-based) modeling. SubD-NURBS converts Sub-D models into a NURBS-based format that can interface with CAD systems or CAD applications.

Now, workflows can combine the conceptual design process of Sub-D modeling with the engineering, analysis, and manufacturing design process of NURBS-based CAD operations.

SubD-NURBS unites two modeling paradigms to revolutionize the design process, and optimize the overall design workflow. With its ability to quickly, easily, and flexibly convert virtually any Sub-D model into a NURBS format, SubD-NURBS supports a workflow in which conceptual designs can be quickly generated using simple Sub-D modeling operations to quickly demonstrate the design concept. That design can then be modified with Boolean operations, 3D logos, fillets, shelling, or other advanced surface construction tools. The results can be analyzed or sent to rapid prototyping machines. Users can then go back and edit the original Sub-D model and propagate the CAD operations (Booleans, fillets, etc.) onto the modified version of the Sub-D conceptual design to facilitate quick design revisions. You can also generate a new rapid prototype of the design for customer viewing.

SubD-NURBS can convert virtually any Sub-D model into a precise NURBS representation that can be read into virtually any CAD system, says a company spokesperson. It can even handle Sub-D models containing triangular polygons. SubD-NURBS creates high-quality surfaces, with a minimum of G2 continuity. The resulting CAD models are accurate, high-quality representations. SubD-NURBS is flexible with SubD-NURBS; you can control the quality of the resulting surfaces. If you are worried about creating heavy surfaces, you can reduce the number of surface knots or tangency strength through the modification of a few simple parameters. The resulting CAD models can be modified with Boolean operations, filleting, or other typical CAD operations.

SubD-NURBS is a high-performance library that software developers can integrate into 3D modeling systems. Sub-D-based systems can leverage SubD-NURBS to export to CAD systems, or to integrate CAD functionality into the system (especially when coupled with our SOLIDS++ geometric modeling kernel). CAD systems can utilize SubD-NURBS to import 3D models from various popular Sub-D modeling tools.