Immersive Tech Summit 2010, First-Ever Conference Focused on Fusion of Physical and Digital Worlds
September 30, 2010

Immersive Tech Summit 2010, First-Ever Conference Focused on Fusion of Physical and Digital Worlds

Los Angeles, Calif. – “Imagine that.” That could well be the mantra at Immersive Technology Summit 2010 on October 21, the world's first gathering of experts and aficionados dedicated to exploring the technological reaches of imagination, under the umbrella term “immersive technology.”

Hosted at Los Angeles Center Studios and organized by ImTech, a new Los Angeles-based non-profit think tank, Immersive Tech will feature a full complement of industry speakers, panel discussions, interactive exhibits and product demonstrations, theater presentations in a 50-foot hemispherical dome, networking events and insider access to new technologies.    

“Immersive technology” refers to software and devices that blur the barrier between the physical and digital worlds, thereby creating “immersive” experiences.  Immersive Technology Summit 2010 has enlisted remarkable individuals who are leading the vision and providing resources to expand human experience, with the aid of technologies that range from augmented reality to virtual worlds, gesture tech and other immersive environments.

Highlighted speakers at the event include Dr. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, founder of UC Santa Barbara's Allosphere; John Smart, Chairman of the Acceleration Studies Foundation; and Greg Hyver, Vice President of Business Development, for BCINet, Inc.  

Adobe and Virtual World Web are event benefactors.  Among the sponsors and exhibitors: Big Look 360, Blict, Doppel Games, Fixed 8 Lighting, Global Vision Communication, Immersive Media, Metaio, Monster Energy, Ogmento, Social Animal, SynLabs, TOOB, Total Immersion,,  Virtusphere, Vortex Immersion Media and xRez Studio.

"Immersive technology can help people live richer, fuller lives," said Nathan Makino, CEO of ImTech.  "By challenging the laws of physical reality, we can experience things that people have previously only dreamt about or imagined.   As 3D displays become a new standard and pixel resolutions rapidly increase, we can immerse ourselves in stunningly real, visual environments.  Sound simulation is already incredibly realistic, and gestural controls like Microsoft's Kinect provide more true-to-life interaction than ever before.   So what happens when you put all of these 'immersive technologies' together?  A fully immersive environment provides a new medium within which people can communicate.

“Just think -- if you could manipulate reality around you, like being in a dream, what would you create?” Makino said.  “The possible scenarios can be mind-blowing, but so are the philosophical implications.  Our goal is to trigger deep discussions of what reality means, when our minds can’t distinguish between the real world and a simulated one.  We’ve all had tastes of this, thanks to Hollywood, from ‘The Matrix’ to ‘Star Trek’ to James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’  Now, we’ll take the exploration several steps further.”

Immersive Technology Summit 2010 is the first of what will become an annual conference, with focused seminars and special events held throughout the year.   ImTech marks the kickoff of an organized and enthusiastic effort to engage the Southern California community in a conversation around these emerging technologies.  “L.A. is giving rise to a great many pioneering companies in this space, creating new opportunities for industry leaders to connect with media and the public in real-time,” Makino said.  

Immersive technology is alive and well in the entertainment industry, he said, but noted that it extends well beyond, into any and every area where experiential encounters matter -- marketing/advertising, education, science, travel, and more.  “Innovators across the spectrum -- doctors, architects, scientists, computer engineers, government agencies, researchers, car manufacturers and artists, as well as entertainment industry leaders -- are building and discovering life-altering ways to experience and interact with all manner of environments,” he said.   For more information on ImTech sponsorship, please contact Nathan Makino at