Image Metrics Offers Free Trial of Facial Animation Services
January 23, 2010

Image Metrics Offers Free Trial of Facial Animation Services

Los Angeles, Calif. - Image Metrics, a provider of facial animation technology and services for the entertainment industry, has introduced a free trial program, offering 30 seconds of animation for prospective game and film customers. Under the free trial program, Image Metrics will animate content chosen by the studio and provide results via a QuickTime video, 2D Expression Sheets, and software scene files that can be easily integrated back into studios' production pipelines.
"Facial animation can be expensive and time consuming using traditional methods, making it difficult for many studios to achieve their desired level of realism with their production budgets," says Brian Waddle, executive vice president of Image Metrics. "In addition, many studios on a deadline are naturally cautious about adopting new technology into their pipelines while working on a project. Image Metrics' free trial offers a no-risk, no-charge way for prospective clients to learn exactly how our facial animation system works, and how we've developed our process around our technology to be as versatile, fast, and as seamless as possible. We want potential customers to experience how easy it is to integrate and see how they can save money while improving their pipeline and ultimately consistently getting better quality animation."

Image Metrics' proprietary facial animation software and services range from facial animation for supporting video game characters to photorealistic digital doubles for film and television. The company's complete service offerings include four different facial animation levels using its proprietary facial animation technology to analyze an actor's facial performance captured on video and transfer it with all of its subtleties and nuances to a 3D facial rig. The company offers several these different quality level results to meet each studio's desired level of realism and believability from their digital characters.

Image Metrics' results are dependent on optimizing both the character rig and the video performance to be analyzed through its proprietary facial animation software. To ensure the trial rig is capable of providing structure for high-quality animation, the Company will also provide one master rig for clients or collaborate in development on a rig for the free trial. A combination of up to 15 seconds of client-provided video and 15 seconds from Image Metrics' library of pre-analyzed video clips will be used to animate the 30-second free trial.