Image Metrics Acquires FacePro
August 8, 2010

Image Metrics Acquires FacePro

Santa Monica, Calif. - Image Metrics, a provider of facial animation technology for the entertainment industry, has acquired FacePro, a lip sync services and technology company.
FacePro's offering provides highly automated lip synchronization that can be shaped by art directors for unique, accurate results. By leveraging audio analysis technology, it recognizes phonemes, or sounds, to generate weighted-target curves that drive a facial rig. FacePro clients include major video game publishers: Activision, Ubisoft, THQ, Square Enix, and visual effects studios such as Industrial Light & Magic.

Rod Stafford, FacePro founder and president, has joined Image Metrics as audio animation lead. In this role, he will support the integration of audio-based facial animation tools into Image Metrics' Faceware software.

Image Metrics will integrate the FacePro technology into its industry-leading Faceware facial animation software solution to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of animation services. The combined technology solution enables facial animation as low as $12 per second.