IRIDAS Reveals First Stereoscopic Native Workflow for ARRI ALEXA Cameras
August 11, 2010

IRIDAS Reveals First Stereoscopic Native Workflow for ARRI ALEXA Cameras

Munich, Germany — IRIDAS recently announced the industry’s first stereoscopic native workflow optimized for the ARRI ALEXA. Tapping IRIDAS’ DualStream NX stereoscopic review technology, integrated within IRIDAS’ SpeedGrade and FrameCycler 2010 family, users are now able to instantly review ALEXA stereo footage in the field and experience real-time geometry alignment and color match in a true stereoscopic timeline.
This new development represents a significant opportunity for IRIDAS customers considering the ALEXA - or currently using ALEXA - for their 3D/stereoscopic production workflow requirements, and is testament to the 3D production advancements inherent to IRIDAS’ DualStream NX technology.

“It’s no surprise that the demand for 3D content - from Hollywood blockbuster movies to immersive television documentaries - is becoming a major driving force in our industry today. However, while the demand for content is there, access to effective, efficient and affordable technologies to create that content has been elusive,” said Lin Sebastian Kayser, CEO of IRIDAS. “This feature represents the culmination of years of engineering and stereoscopic development expertise that has enabled a 3D production workflow that works flawlessly with the equipment our customers most want to work with.”

“In many ways, our new ALEXA cameras are a technological breakthrough and are redefining the limits of motion picture capture and real time workflows,” comments Adrian Widera, strategic and business development, ARRI. “One of the ways we achieve our vision is by working with a network of partners who we know can extend the ALEXA experience, ultimately delivering a complete, powerful digital production workflow. IRIDAS is a proven partner and provides a complement to enhance the real time stereoscopic production workflow that is in such high demand from our customers.”

IRIDAS DualStream NX and the Native Stereo Workflow for ALEXA
The IRIDAS DualStream NX real time 3D production toolset enables a seamless, instant stereo workflow for the ALEXA, which translates to significant workflow efficiencies so critical in today’s time and budget constrained production environments. Here is a snapshot of how it works:
• ALEXA shoots ProRes 4444 12 bit files to Sony SxS cards;
• IRIDAS SpeedGrade and FrameCycler 2010 solutions decode two streams of ALEXA ProRes 4444 material in real time, which means they are available for instant playback and review;
As a result of the advancements in IRIDAS DualStream NX technology, users can instantly review these stereo streams and, with the push of a button, geometrically align and color match in a true stereoscopic timeline. Material can be rendered for offline dailies or directly edited in Final Cut Pro and Avid systems, then conformed from EDLs for final color grading and depth grading;
For users working with other workflows, ProRes 4444 files can also be transcoded to frame formats, including DPX, in full 12-bit bit depth. For those in need of batch transcoding, IRIDAS MetaRender is tightly integrated with SpeedGrade and FrameCycler products, with its UI built into both products for a seamless extension of the workflow.