Hardcore Computer, Inc. Launches Detonator Liquid-Submersion-Cooled, Workstation
May 27, 2010

Hardcore Computer, Inc. Launches Detonator Liquid-Submersion-Cooled, Workstation

 In a move to accelerate its campaign to support the high-performance computer market, Hardcore Computer, Inc., one of the industry’s innovative computer design and manufacturing company, today announced the launch of Detonator workstation.
 Rochester, Minn. – The Detonator workstation platform is powered by up to two Intel 5500 or 5600 series Xeon processors. It features a purpose-built motherboard that includes the Intel 5520 chip set and optimized data pathways.

Keeping in mind the needs of professionals requiring industry-leading computational power and top-performing graphics rendering capabilities, Detonator was designed to be the ultimate workstation for applications including computer-aided design, medical imaging, digital content creation, engineering simulation and modeling, and real-time situational awareness. Detonator will also meet professionals’ demanding performance requirements with 24/7/365 reliability.

Hardcore submerges all of the heat-producing components of the Detonator. This eliminates the greatest barrier of performance and reliability in electronics, heat. Liquid submersion cooling allows for significantly better thermal management than air cooling. This is due in large part to the fact that the coolant used, Hardcore’s Core Coolant, is 1350 times better than air, by volume, at heat removal. The net result is that the Detonator workstation allows for optimal performance and improved reliability.

Hardcore Computer is accepting orders immediately with product ship June 6th.