Game Developers Invited to Submit Unsigned Titles
October 5, 2010

Game Developers Invited to Submit Unsigned Titles

Lyon, France - Organizers of the 10th edition of Game Connection Europe--to be held November 15 through 18 in Lyon, France--have opened the new "Game Connection Selected Projects" free contest for game developers worldwide. Developers of the top 20 selected games will present them on opening day to a group of publishers and distributors interested in signing the projects that are changing the industry as we know it.
Every year, more that 250 projects are presented at Game Connection Europe. Game Connection will identify creative and innovative ideas and push well-executed game projects coming from Indie game developers.

"Over the past 10 years, Game Connection Europe has grown into a widely respected and popular event attended by game developers from around the world. Our show has historically revealed great games as many best sellers and creative projects were pitched here for the first time," says Pierre Carde, managing director of Game Connection Europe.

Game Connection will retain 20 of the best indie projects under production to sign within a year. The competition is open to console, mobile, and online games ranging from pre-production to ready-to-market, without restrictions on genre, platform, or distribution method. 

Non-registered attendees at Game Connection's Europe 2010 are also invited to apply.
The submission deadline is October 13th.

"Our '20 Selected Projects' contest is a great way for developers to bring their unfinished titles in front of major decision makers and maybe get a publishing or distribution contract. I know this industry has been scary about showing the unsigned but this paranoia must come to an end and we wish to participate to that," explains Carde.

Projects will be reviewed by a panel of experts with focus on innovation, creativity, concept, design, gameplay, and financial viability.

The 20 contest nominees will be notified in advance of the event with ample time to make travel arrangements to Lyon.

Publishers, distributors, and buyers are invited to Lyon to evaluate the 20 "Selected Projects" contest winners "live" on stage on November 16.

Register online at