FilmLight Wins Four AMPAS Scientific and Technical Awards
February 2, 2010

FilmLight Wins Four AMPAS Scientific and Technical Awards

London - FilmLight, having grown from a very small start-up to a brand leader in digital film technology in eight years, has won Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Sci-Tech awards. The awards recognize the achievements of 10 of FilmLight's founding engineers in every one of the company's three main product lines, says a representative. This event marks the first time in the history of the Sci-Tech awards that as many as four out of the 15 awards are going to the engineers of a single company.
Technology is transforming the production, post-production and viewing experience in the feature film sector, and FilmLight's founders could not have played a more definitive role in this development. As the movie experience advances, the business model and box-office receipts are changing too, making Hollywood's acknowledgement of the technical heroes in this change all the sweeter.

“These four awards represent the culmination of many years of commitment and hard work on the part of FilmLight staff to develop tools to support filmmaking in the 21st century,” says FilmLight founder Wolfgang Lempp. “We feel honored and humbled and wish to express our sincere gratitude to the Academy and its members. These awards will serve as inspiration and commitment in our ongoing effort to provide filmmakers with new tools to create incredible imagery.”

Two of the awards are related to the development of Truelight, which is used to manage color representation between film and the wide range of electronic displays. Truelight has become an essential part in the process of providing accurate color in digital intermediate environments, visual effects pipelines and other digital production workflows worldwide. A Technical Achievement award is going to Mark Wolforth and Tony Sedivy for the development of Truelight’s real-time, 3D look-up table hardware system. Dr. Richard Kirk receives a Scientific and Engineering award for the overall design and development of Truelight.

Wolfgang Lempp, Theo Brown (posthumous), Tony Sedivy, and Dr. John Quartel also receive a Scientific and Engineering award for the development of the Northlight scanner, whose ability to perform high-resolution, pin-registered scanning of film at the highest quality has made it the industry reference for capturing the full detail of all the information recorded on film.

The third Scientific and Engineering award will be presented to Steve Chapman, Martin Tlaskal, Darrin Smart and James Logie for the development of Baselight, one of the industry’s first digital color correction systems. Baselight has contributed to the rapid development of the digital intermediate process by greatly expanding the tool set available to digital colorists. It has also helped to democratize digital post production by making high quality color grading tools accessible to users worldwide.

The awards will be presented at the Sci/Tech Awards Dinner and Ceremony in Los Angeles on the 20th of February.