Distributed Game Development Becoming the Model of Choice for Producing Games
March 8, 2010

Distributed Game Development Becoming the Model of Choice for Producing Games

Boston, Mass. - Focal Press, a division of Elsevier, is pleased to announce the publication of Distributed Game Development by Tim Fields. Game companies have started using a distributed development model involving use of creative terms to work on portions of games, and then compiling at the home company. Game industry veteran Tim Fields teaches video game producers and directors how to challenge conventional wisdom and make use of this model by working collaboratively in teams.
Fields interviews a broad spectrum of people in the industry, from producers at top game publishers, to small business owners in the US and UK. These subjects have a wealth of hard-earned experience in different facets of distributed development, and their stories provide a fascinating goldmine of information and insight.

Game producers and directors will learn just how to find the best people for any job, and work with them to make successful games, using a distributed development model. A supplementary Web site provides filmed interviews from the book, a forum, and additional tips and tricks. 

Tim Fields is a 16-year game industry veteran producer, project manager, design lead, and business developer. Tim has helped small studios and top publishers like EA and Microsoft run teams that create great games. He has worked on shooters, sports games, racing titles, and RPGs using talent and teams from North America, Asia, Europe, and the UK.

Distributed Game Development
ISBN: 978-0-24081-271-7
PUB DATE: March 2010
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EUR PRICE: € 32.95
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