DSC Labs Releases Pint-Sized Hawk QCC
December 20, 2010

DSC Labs Releases Pint-Sized Hawk QCC

Toronto, Canada – DSC Labs, a developer of innovative products for image quality improvement, has announced the newest addition to its product catalog: the Hawk Quick Check Chart (QCC).
Designed by Senior Video and Broadcast Engineer Gary Hawkins, the Hawk QCC provides a simple way to match cameras on location. Ideal for single- or multi-camera shoots, the Hawk QCC records critical information from an original scene set-up using a primary chart, then acts as its replacement by providing enough data for a quick camera evaluation and scene matching. "Time is of the essence in production. It's not always necessary to use a ChromaDuMonde for every scene change," comments DSC Labs President David Corley. "The Hawk QCC's innovative design and convenient size make on-location scene matching quick and easy."

Hawk QCC Feature Highlights:
  • Sized at 11 x 9.5"‹for an easy fit into any camera bag or backpack
  • White patches‹for white balancing and knee setting
  • Gamma at 18% gray‹for accurate iris or lighting adjustment
  • Black patches‹for scene black and flare checking
  • Flesh tones‹for checking consistency of flesh tones
  • Mid-gray strip top and bottom‹to monitor evenness of lighting
In addition, on the reverse side of the chart are more useful test elements:
  • 5.5 x 3" neutral white panel‹for white balancing
  • 5.5 x 3" "warming" panel
  • FrameAlign chart that displays different framing options
  • Write-on area‹to note slate information
Availability and Pricing
The new Hawk QCC is available today through the DSC Labs Dealer Network or directly from DSC Labs for $130.00 USD. Please visit www.dsclabs.com.