Creaform Acquires Engineering Services Company Genicad
November 11, 2010

Creaform Acquires Engineering Services Company Genicad

Lévis - Creaform, a technology company offering 3D engineering services and innovative 3D scanners, has acquired Genicad, a Québec City company specializing in engineering, digital and mechanical design, project management, and technical drawing.
“The acquisition is part of Creaform’s growth strategies to strengthen regional operations, secure its position as a major player in the industry and expand its range of 3D engineering services to better meet the needs of our clientele,” indicated Chief Executive Officer Martin Lamontagne.

“This is a most significant move for the industry. The synergy between Genicad and Creaform will create the most important 3D engineering services firm in the Québec City area,” stated Genicad President Michel Cyr. Over the past twenty years, Genicad has become a leading player in Quebec’s mechanical design industry through proven expertise and top-quality services. As a leading 3D engineering partner with an outstanding drive for innovation and technological development, Creaform will build on the excellent reputation of Genicad to provide the clientele with highly-advantageous, innovative solutions.

Creaform’s acquisition of Genicad is the latest in a series of major events that took place over the year, including the acquisition in January of InSpeck, a world leading 3D human body digitizing company, the opening of three new offices overseas this summer and the international launch in October of the all-new MetraSCAN 3D scanner, which adds to Creaform’s line of revolutionary 3D scanners.

Genicad offices located at 2260 Léon-Harmel in Québec City will soon be closed and Genicad employees will be relocated at Creaform’s offices in Lévis to maintain top-notch services provided to the clientele. Creaform will keep the Sainte-Claire offices open where the employees are to remain. For more information on Creaform’s 3D engineering products and services, visit the company’s Web site at