Chaos Group announces the launch of V-Ray RT for Maya Beta Program
August 27, 2010

Chaos Group announces the launch of V-Ray RT for Maya Beta Program

Sofia, Bulgaria – Chaos Group announced the release of V-Ray RT for Autodesk Maya Beta Program, one of the few new products planned to be introduced to the market in 2010.
V-Ray RT for Autodesk Maya is a powerful and flexible software solution that allows immediate communication between the user and the virtual environment. It applies the changes on the scene automatically and progressively, generating a photorealistic preview of the scene. It improves and fastens the artist’s work and significantly shortens the lighting and shading set up of a project.

"A highly sophisticated rendering technology like V-Ray RT for Autodesk Maya is designed to meet the needs of 3D artists who are constantly looking for ways to improve their workflow", said Vladimir Koylazov, Chaos Group chief technical officer and core developer of V-Ray. "The CG industry is very active and it demands continuous improvements. V-Ray RT for Autodesk Maya is one of those things that change the perceptions of the artists and helps them to produce unique content very effectively."

A Beta version of V-Ray RT for Maya is now available for download by all current V-Ray for Maya users, registered in the Chaos Group website, which are keen to test it and experience the new features and possibilities. The beta testers are able to become a part of the program to share opinions at the V-Ray for Maya forum on the Chaos Group website. They can submit bugs, requests for new features, and share works with the Chaos Group team and other professionals. Users can also directly contact the developers of the product to contribute to the further development of the product.

Some of the key features of the V-Ray RT for Maya are flexible architecture, distributed rendering, complete integration with Autodesk Maya, accurate specular reflections, animation preview, progressive path tracing, and many others. V-Ray RT for Autodesk Maya works with a number of operating systems like Microsoft Windows Vista and Professional, Linux, and Mac.