Chaos Group Hits the Market with the Most Anticipated Version of V-Ray in the Last Decade
December 8, 2010

Chaos Group Hits the Market with the Most Anticipated Version of V-Ray in the Last Decade

V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max is a complete rendering solution, which combines the power of the well-known V-Ray award-winning production rendering engine with the flexibility and exceptional speed of the interactive rendering system V-Ray RT and the even more impressive new V-Ray RT running on GPUs. The new V-Ray 2.0 comes with significant new feature additions and lots of improvements that enable faster feedback and final results.
 The pressure for more 3D stereoscopic content is demanding and the upcoming naked stereoscopic technologies (3D monitors without glasses) require 5 to 9 renders per single frame. With standard rendering tools this can be 5-9 times slower! V-Ray is fit to answer these demanding rendering needs! With its new native stereoscopic support it can deliver the re-use of GI calculations as well as shading data re-use that can lead only to twice the render time, instead of 5 or 9 times.

V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max offers a long list of major new and enhanced features:
  • V-Ray RT and V-Ray RT GPU interactive renderers are included as part of the V-Ray installation
  • Dispersion – complete support for light dispersion
  • VRayLensEffects - render effect for producing glow and glare with support for obstacle images and diffraction - VRayCarPaintMtl - material with accurate flakes simulation
  • VRayLightSelect -render element to extract the contribution of individual lights - VRayStereoRig - controller for easy stereoscopic setup
  • VRayLensAnalysis – quickly creates realistic distortion patterns for your V-Ray Physical Cameras
  • VRayDistanceTex – create a wide range of effects based on the distance between objects in the scene
  • VRayMultiSubTex – assign different textures based on object ID
All videos with detailed presentations on the new features of V-Ray 2.0 for 3ds Max have been posted on the Chaos Group YouTube channel. Users can upgrade to V-Ray 2.0 following the pricing policy, published on the Chaos Group website.