Bricsys releases Bricscad V11 Platinum: 3D Parametric solid modeling now in Bricscad
December 8, 2010

Bricsys releases Bricscad V11 Platinum: 3D Parametric solid modeling now in Bricscad

Gent, Belgium and Merrimack N.H. -- Bricsys announced Bricscad V11 Platinum for Windows, a new version enabling 3D parametric solid modeling for users who want to work both in 2D and 3D without leaving the .dwg environment.
Bricscad V11 Platinum adds six new tool pallets to Bricscad. Primitives such as box, cylinder, cone, sphere, torus and wedge are available together with extrude, revolve and sweep operations. By combining these through Boolean operations – union, subtract, intersect – the user can form complex composite solid shapes.

The Bricscad Platinum "X-Solids" environment captures the history of solids as they are created, allowing parametric editing of these solids at any time. Any primitive parameter can be easily changed, even after the primitives have been combined into a composite shape. Primitives within composites can be moved, copied, rotated, deleted and more while still within the composite solid. Fillets and chamfers can be resized or removed, slices can be moved or deleted, and Boolean operations can be undone one step at a time or all at once.
Bricscad Platinum users can create 2D geometry from single or multiple solids via the "QuickDraw" utility. QuickDraw automatically creates and aligns 2D geometry for up to 10 views at once for easily created detail drawings.

2D designers are finally able to use powerful 3D parametric capabilities integrated into their familiar User Interface. This keeps the learning curve very short for creating advanced 3D designs and automatically deriving all 2D drawings from it. All files – both 3D and 2D – are based natively on the .dwg file format. The ACIS kernel built into Bricscad Pro and Platinum performs fast solid modeling operations and accurate hidden line removal.

Bricscad V11 Platinum also includes an extended 3D hardware library developed from the highly acclaimed SI Mechanical software created and copyrighted by Scott Hull. Parametric objects of all kinds – nuts, bolts, screws, pins, and more – are instantly created or resized at the touch of a button.

Bricscad Platinum is currently available for Windows in English, with more languages to follow in the coming weeks. New Bricscad Platinum licenses and upgrades from Bricscad Classic and Bricscad Pro to Platinum are available in the Bricsys e-store and are discounted through the end of the year.