Book of Eli: The First Film of 2010 to Feature D-BOX’s Motion Technology
January 20, 2010

Book of Eli: The First Film of 2010 to Feature D-BOX’s Motion Technology

Longueuil, Quebec - D-BOX Technologies Inc., a leader in innovative motion technology for the entertainment industry, announced its fifth film with movie studio giant, Warner Bros., to feature its motion-enhanced seating with the studio’s latest film, Book of Eli.
With 13 movie theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada equipped with D-BOX MFX seating, Book of Eli marks the high-tech company’s tenth movie overall since its world premiere in April 2009. Creating subtle, refined motion sensations, D-BOX Motion Code is especially designed for each individual movie, frame by frame, by D-BOX Motion Designers who spend hundreds of hours to develop a one-of-a-kind, realistic movie viewing experience.

“The continued support of Warner Bros. with five new releases in just 10 months is an extraordinary accomplishment for us,” says Claude Mc Master, president and chief executive officer of D-BOX Technologies. “It speaks to the industry-wide acceptance D-BOX has earned due to the success experienced in cities throughout North America. So far more than 50,000 moviegoers have experienced D-BOX and continue to come back for new motion picture releases.”

D-BOX MFX seating are equipped with individual, adjustable intensity settings designed to further personalize the movie viewing experience. While seats move during on-screen action scenes, they remain still during the quieter, more dialogue-driven sequences and can be adjusted to feel as much or as little action as desired.

To date, D-BOX Motion Code is available on more than 850 titles. Many prominent Hollywood studios have started embedding D-BOX Motion Code on selected high-definition Blu-ray releases.