BOXX Offers Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet
January 21, 2010

BOXX Offers Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet

Austin, Texas - Boxx Technologies, maker of high-performance computing systems for visual effects (VFX), postproduction, graphic design, and advanced visualization, has added the newly redesigned Wacom Intuos4 Professional Pen Tablet to its line of workstation accessories. Wacom's pen tablets are employed by artists, designers, and a range of professionals working in other industries.
In redesigning the intuitive Intuos4, Wacom consulted the professional creative community and considered workflow, software integration points, and the demand for both performance and comfort. The result is a re-engineered pen tablet shape and surface that enable ergonomic, consistent strokes over long periods of usage.

In addition, the Intuos4’s new pen with Wacom Tip Sensor technology captures virtually every nuance of pen pressure against the tablet surface and boasts 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity for easy and precise brush size, line weight, and opacity adjustments. The Intuos4 is also available in four different wide-format sizes (S. M, L, and XL) to accommodate users’ specific working style and workflow requirements.

“The Intuos4 is the gold standard pen tablet favored by the same creative professionals who rely on our record-setting 3DBoxx workstations and renderBoxx rendering systems,” says Shoaib Mohammad, director of marketing and business development at Boxx. “We provide complete solutions for digital artists, animators, and industrial designers that meet the needs of their workflows, so a top-of-the-line, professional-grade accessory like Intuos4 is what Boxx customers have come to expect.”