Autodesk Beast 2011 Lighting Middleware Now Shipping
October 27, 2010

Autodesk Beast 2011 Lighting Middleware Now Shipping

San Rafael, Calif. - Autodesk Inc. is now shipping Autodesk Beast 2011 middleware, the first release of the product since the company's acquisition of Illuminate Labs in July 2010. Autodesk Beast middleware helps development teams aesthetically enhance games with a pre-computed global illumination (GI) lighting solution, while helping to avoid complicated and time-consuming lighting setups and to minimize runtime cost.
Autodesk Beast 2011 offers three key components that work together to help decrease iteration time and enhance aesthetic quality:
 LiquidLight  The core baking technology for advanced GI and dynamic relighting of characters
 eRnsT  An interactive editor that helps artists control and explore lighting setups
 DistriBeast  A distribution engine for running renders on multiple machines

Key features in Autodesk Beast 2011:
 Precomputed GI  Prebake lighting for platform and engine independence, resulting in greater flexibility and portability.
 Aesthetic quality and efficient workflows  Adjust overall scene lighting without bounce lights or ambient fills typically used to fake global illumination.
 Robust API (application programming interface)  Integrate Beast into your game engine with a simplified interface.