AutoDesSys Releases bonzai3d 2.0
February 11, 2010

AutoDesSys Releases bonzai3d 2.0

Columbus, Ohio - AutoDesSys has released bonzai3d 2.0 along with the RenderZone Plug-in, which adds photorealistic rendering to the modeling application. Bonzai3d helps artists articulate ideas in 3D easily. For $499, the designer can quickly and easily create 3D models, share them with team members, investigate alternatives, discuss changes internally, prepare presentations, sell a project, and take it to construction, animation, fabrication. Bonzai3d 2.0 brings a number of new features, including dimensions, advanced NURBS modeling tools, a walkthrough tool, and clipping planes (real time non-destructive sections).

RenderZone Plug-in adds the ability to create stunning presentations and visuals, as an option. It offers photorealistic rendering with Global Illumination based on Final Gather, Ambient Occlusion, and Radiosity, for advanced simulation of lighting effects and rendering techniques. A trial version of the plug-in is included with the bonzai3d 2.0 download. The price is $399. The RenderZone Plug-in is included with the annual student edition. 

Available for Windows and Mac, a free trial version is available to download and use for 30 days at

Bonzai3d 2.0 is a free upgrade for all users who bought b3d 1.x. The upgrade can be obtained at   

Bonzai3d 2.0 New features

3D Dimensions: 5 new dimension tools have been added including linear, angular, radial, leader lines and notes. Dimensions are associated with the objects that they reference and update dynamically as the model is changed.

NURBS modeling: Six new NURBS modeling tools for extending, merging and blending curves and surfaces enhance bonzai3d's smooth modeling capabilities. The Blend tools feature an innovative interface that makes surface blending easy and intuitive.

Walkthrough tool: This new tool enables real time point of view animation through a scene, including collision detection.

3D Clipping planes: This feature cuts models open to reveal interior spaces without destroying the model. The clipping planes are preserved in their own palette so that they can be recalled as needed. Clipping planes are an effective working and presentation tool.

Components: The bonzai3d 1.0 Content feature has been drastically improved and is now called components to match industry standards. Components are managed in the new Components palette. Component groups are now embedded in the project files making them portable and editable directly in the project. The Component tools have been reorganized and a specialized tool for repositioning windows and doors has been added. The hole created by window and door components is automatically healed when a door or window is moved, deleted or replaced.

Printing: It has been completely overhauled and adds the ability to print to a specific scale.

Preferences: The size of the tool icons can be changed through a new option in the Preferences dialog. Additional options control the display of the tool names in the icons.

Views menu: New items for Home, Previous, and Next views have been added.

Help: The Project Info dialog has a new tab for tracking linked files.

Parameter editing: Object parameters in the Parameters tab of the Tool Options palette can now be edited on multiple objects simultaneously.

Group editing: Groups can now be edited in the project. This eliminates the need to ungroup and re-group when wishing to make a change to an object in a group.

Object isolation: Objects can now be easily isolated when wanting to work on them and they are part of complex models.

Colors of edges: Control over the color of object edges has been added with the new Edge Color attribute

Transformations: Applying operations such as move, rotate, and scale on large models has been optimized.

DFX/DWG extensions: Support for AutoCad 2010 has been added to the DXF/DWG translator.

Localizations: bonzai3d is now localized for Spanish and German. Additional localizations for Italian, Japanese, and Chinese are in progress and will be released shortly.

Image Credit: Markus Bonn, Matthew Holewinski