Anark and Lattice Announce Product Integration Partnership Leveraging Adobe 3D PDF Format
September 7, 2010

Anark and Lattice Announce Product Integration Partnership Leveraging Adobe 3D PDF Format

Boulder, Colo. - Anark Corporation, provider of automated 3D CAD transformation and product visualization solutions, and Lattice Technology, provider of 3D Process Planning and Digital Manufacturing solutions, announced their technology and reseller partnership which includes their intentions to integrate their product lines and to leverage the Adobe 3D PDF format as an open and freely viewable data container for 3D design and manufacturing applications.

This technology and reseller partnership will provide an integrated 3D Process Planning and Work Instruction authoring environment which utilizes native Adobe 3D PDF as the data delivery format which can be viewed and interacted with using the Free Adobe Reader.

"It makes perfect sense for Anark and Lattice to join forces at this time," said Stephen Collins CEO of Anark Corporation. "Together we can now offer a complete 3D CAD to 3D Process Planning to 3D PDF work instruction environment at a fraction of the cost of the big PLM vendors' equivalent solutions. We are enabling our customers to create light weight animated work instructions which do not require proprietary CAD formats or CAD viewers and are fully deployable using the Free Adobe Reader resident on over 99% of the world's computers," continued Stephen.

"Lattice is very excited to be joining forces with Anark. Through our years of experience with our super light weight XVL format, we have discovered that the Achilles heel of the large PLM vendors solutions is the heaviness of the data they create," said Bill Barnes, general manager, Lattice Technology, Inc." For example, when you start with a heavy CAD Assembly and combine it with heavy manufacturing simulations, the resulting work instructions are too heavy and too slow to be useable on the shop floor."

For more information about the high value low cost super light weight 3D Process Planning and 3D PDF animated work instruction capabilities now made possible, please contact your local Anark or Lattice representative.