ANSYS 13.0: Built for Fidelity, Speed, and Power
October 27, 2010

ANSYS 13.0: Built for Fidelity, Speed, and Power

Pittsburgh, Pa. – ANSYS, Inc. announced the launch of ANSYS 13.0, the newest release of its engineering simulation technology suite designed to optimize product development processes — reducing the time and cost needed to foster product innovations.
The advanced technology behind ANSYS 13.0 includes hundreds of new features that make it easier, faster and cheaper for users to bring new products to market, with a high degree of confidence in the ultimate results they will achieve. ANSYS 13.0 delivers new benefits in three major areas:

Greater fidelity via new solver methods. As engineering requirements and design complexity increase, simulation software must produce more accurate results that reflect changing operating conditions over time. ANSYS 13.0 features an electromagnetic transient solver that produces higher-fidelity results in dynamic simulation environments, among other new features.

Higher productivity built on an adaptive architecture. ANSYS 13.0 includes dozens of features that minimize the time and effort product development teams invest in simulation. For example, as product designs grow in size and complexity — and consideration of a single physics is no longer enough — ANSYS 13.0 makes it easier for users with different engineering specialties to work collaboratively to exchange data and develop real-world simulations that incorporate multiphysics.

Performance innovation via software and computational power. ANSYS 13.0 can provide speedup ratios that are dramatically greater than previous software releases. Complex multiphysics simulations can be accomplished more quickly and efficiently, speeding up product development and market launch initiatives.

“ANSYS 13.0 builds on the foundation of previous ANSYS releases. It especially addresses user feedback by incorporating valuable capabilities that compress design cycles, optimize product performance across multiple physics, maximize the accuracy of virtual prototypes, and automate the simulation process,” said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS. “The release will create a significant competitive advantage for users, making it easier and faster to bring innovative new products to market — which has become an imperative in today’s economy.”

“Red Bull Racing knows a lot about the need for speed. ANSYS helps us move to the next level of racing by empowering us innovate car designs much quicker, which makes us more competitive race by race. At the end of the day this can help us achieve our goal of winning more races,” said Steve Nevey, business development manager at Red Bull Technology.

ANSYS 13.0 will be available for customer download later this year.