AJA Introduces Hi5-3D Mini-Converter For Stereo 3D Monitoring
September 27, 2010

AJA Introduces Hi5-3D Mini-Converter For Stereo 3D Monitoring

Amsterdam - AJA Video Systems, manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, announced the availability of Hi5-3D, a new mini-converter that combines dual 3G SDI inputs into various multiplexed 3D formats for output on true 3D HDMI 1.4a and SDI to enable simple, flexible stereoscopic viewing on 3D monitors and projection systems.
The Hi5-3D's true HDMI 1.4a output supports EDID transactions that automatically configure 2D/3D functions according to the HDMI monitor's capabilities. Input SDI 2 is frame-synchronized to input SDI 1 in 3D modes and SDI input audio is embedded in both the HDMI and SDI outputs. Hi5-3D also supports 2-channel RCA audio output with user control of channel selection, along with AJA's Mini-Config application for user configuration and firmware download.

Other key features include: 
· Side-by-side, top-bottom and frame-packing modes
· Complete H and V image flip control in any combination
· Easy user control via dipswitch or USB
· Support for both 2D and 3D inputs.
Hi5-3D is available In October, and US MSRP is $495.