iZ3D Extends $50 Rebate to Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card Customers
April 30, 2009

iZ3D Extends $50 Rebate to Nvidia GeForce Graphics Card Customers

San Diego - iZ3D Inc., a designer and developer of advanced stereoscopic 3D visualization systems, has expanded the scope of its rebate program. Previously the $50 rebate, which was exclusive to AMD ATI Radeon graphics card customers, now includes Nvidia GeForce graphics card customers as well. nVidia or AMD customers that purchase an iZ3D monitor simply register their purchase online or mail in required rebate documents.
"We've had great response to our $50 iZ3D monitor rebate from AMD customers and an equally strong chorus of requests for the same discount from Nvidia customers that prefer to have the 3D technology inside the display instead of inside active glasses, " says David Chechelashvili, VP marketing for iZ3D Inc.

iZ3D monitor

iZ3D's approach to 3D places all the 3D technology in the monitor so that users need only wear passive polarized glasses, enabling more participants at a low price to enjoy 3D in ambient-lit rooms without headaches, fatigue, or eyestrain. The current rebate offer runs through June 15, 2009. Rebates can apply to purchases online at iZ3D.com or at any retail store or authorized iZ3D online reseller. Terms and conditions apply. iZ3D has also added new features to its Web site, including a rebate center where visitors can check for current offers and discounts.

The new iZ3D "3D Bucks Rebate Center" provides a listing of all available rebates.

The system requires a graphics card with dual video outputs (VGA, DVI, or HDMI). The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems and games and content written for DirectX 8, 9, and 10. Most games written in the last six years are already designed for 3D, but until now lacked a way of displaying them properly. A list of games that have been compatibility tested by iZ3D, MTBS, and customer testers can be found at www.3drulez.com.

The iZ3D 22-inch monitor is priced at $399 and is available in the U.S. at Fry's Electronics, Micro Center, and Altex Computers, and at NCIX stores in Canada. The iZ3D Version 1.09 Driver and other drivers and 3D media players are available at www.iz3d.com.

The standard iZ3D S-3D and anaglyph output are included with the purchase of an iZ3D monitor. The exclusive ATI 3D DLP output is free to AMD customers. All other drivers can be purchased at $49.99 per output.