Xaitment Integrates xaitEngine into Vision Engine
June 11, 2009

Xaitment Integrates xaitEngine into Vision Engine

Saarbrücken, Germany – Xaitment GmbH, a developer and service provider of artificial intelligence for the games and simulation industries, and Trinigy, a provider of 3D game engines with offices in Germany and Austin, Texas, announced the integration of xaitment’s xaitEngine AI technology into Trinigy’s Vision Engine.

Trinigy’s Vision Engine is an advanced and widely-used game engine for the creation of PC and console games and simulations with advanced artificial intelligence and in a range of genres. 

The xaitEngine’s modular approach enables game developers to easily incorporate complex AI for simulated behaviors and lower-level AI for game control, application logic, and animation. The xaitEngine’s integration into Vision Engine 7 gives all Trinigy licensees the opportunity to combine advanced artificial intelligence with graphics and game play.

The xaitEngine is designed from the ground up to support the needs of game designers, artists, and programmers, and to integrate into game pipelines and applications. Given its intuitive, graphical interface, even the most advanced NPC (non-player character) behaviors can be integrated without one line of code.

The two solutions are available separately. Large and small developers can purchase xaitEngine or any of its stand-alone modules for demo purposes or full development projects.