VFXmarketplace.com Launches to Supply Visual Effects Outsourcing
November 9, 2009

VFXmarketplace.com Launches to Supply Visual Effects Outsourcing

Kent, U.K. - VFXmarketplace.com has opened to connect VFX houses with accredited suppliers in the global visual effects industry. VFXmarketplace.com is designed to make it easy to outsource basic visual effects. VFX houses post their requirements, and accredited suppliers from around the world compete to win the work.
Work is tended on a shot-by-shot basis. The artists get to see exactly what is required, and then they can bid to complete the work. The tendering process is quick and simple.

The buyers see the bids coming in, alongside the quality reputation of the suppliers. The buyers are then able to choose who takes on the work. The SupplierScore system ensures that artists who deliver good work reliably win more business -- and buyers can be sure that they are getting the quality they need.

A bespoke set of tools makes it easy to manage individual shots and complete projects through VFXmarketplace. Communication between the buyer and supplier is clear and speedy, says a representative.

The payment process is simple: artists are paid in the middle of each month for the work they have completed in the previous month. Buyers are only invoiced by VFXmarketplace, so working with multiple artists is as easy as working with one. All transactions are in US dollars.

The secure system can be used for outsourcing work such as paint, roto, and tracking. The site already boasts a range of suppliers capable of producing blockbuster-quality VFX, continues the company representative.

Tim Webber, Oscar-nominated VFX supervisor and co-founder, says: “We created the business when we realized that VFX houses were always struggling to find the right artists and organizations to outsource to. We're a bit like a dating agency. We help match up the organizations who have excess work, with the artists and organizations who have the right skills and want to do the work. We've got artists all over the world, from Australia to the Ukraine, supplying great visual effects.”

Buyers and suppliers can register now at http://www.vfxmarketplace.com/register.action.