TurboSquid Launches New Search Engine
August 18, 2009

TurboSquid Launches New Search Engine

New Orleans, La. - TurboSquid, an online marketplace for stock 3D models, announced a new, streamlined search engine for customers. TurboSquid.com's redesigned search interface is designed to make it easier to browse a large, fast-growing catalog of professional 3D models and textures.
The new search design, based on extensive research and customer surveys, offers customers quick options to refine their search with the number of results immediately displayed.

"A customer searching on human gets 9,391 results, and can see immediately that 7,261 are compatible with [Autdoesk's] 3ds Max and 7,393 are priced below $100," says TurboSquid director of marketing Paul Teall. "The answers and next selections are displayed right on the page. Change the file format, the search terms, or anything else about the search, and the numbers update immediately."

Teall adds that early tests of the new system produced a healthy increase in the percentage of customers who found what they needed and made a purchase.

Other options include customizing the thumbnail size to suit the user's visual preference, and the ability to make custom lists of compatible file formats for different kinds of projects.

The improved search interface, a direct response to user requests, joins recent improvements like 24/7 support and file conversion services.